Collide cover
Collide cover
  1. Bring It on Back

From the album Collide

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I don’t want to waste it
I don’t want to grow old
If it’s gone I’ll chase it by the wayside
And bring it on home

I don’t want to lose you
I want to treat you right
If it’s only news and you want truth
Wait by the light

The days have gone
The nights are black
Bring it on home
Bring it on back

I can see you now
In the dark and you wanted something
And I wanted truth
It fades into nothing

If you don’t and you won’t it’ll getcha ya now
Like a warm serenade
And you said all them sad things,
I’m glad things
Have turned in and turned out this way


There’s a light in the hallway
Where the walls have fallen out
There’s a lot of people
Who have gone a long way down
Down, down, down….